Below are  some quotes that Romeo uses frequently in his teaching. They provide insights on his creative process and on the philosophy of his teaching. 

"Greetings! Now show me the work”

 Composing is the greatest teacher of composition. Learn the craft, and then start working immediately. The combination of craft and work will unlock and develop your creativity. 

 Music is a spiritual discipline: when we perfect a piece of music, music perfects us” 

The relationship between the composer and the compositions may be seen as two-way street: the development of a piece of music corresponds to the development of the mind of the composer.  Composition provides an excellent path to self-discovery, growth and development of consciousness. When a composition is performed, music connects people and contributes to human relationships. 

 “Know the material of your music”

When composing, you must know and understand the material of your composition. You cannot bring to full potential something that you do not know.

 “Composition is about exploring territory of the unknown”

 Composing is a mysterious process in which there are no certainties. A small group of notes by themselves may express nothing but with the help of a small variation, the same group may be transformed into beautiful melody. Mystery is at the very core of composition. It is a sort of energy that transform sound into music and that gives the piece its form, its character and a special meaning. 

 "Don't be interested in what you know; be interested in what you are about to discover"  

Because "what you are about to discover" is the real you.

“Serve the music”

You can approach composition with an open mind and with the intention of “serving” the music. Do not impose rational decision on the music, they tend to produce predictable and dull results; instead, let the music direct you toward what it needs as if the piece of music already existed in some other dimension and your job was to transcribe it and bring it into the world. When you do not force music into a mold, the productivity of the process and the quality of the work will improve.    

  “Without the mastering of the traditional craft of composition, music will not reach its full potential”

The mastering of the traditional craft of composition will allow you to transform a few notes into a fully developed piece of music. The intuitive process must be supported by a deep knowledge of the traditional craft.  When mastered, techniques clarify, characterize and develop the music fully and according to its need.

 “Compose music by notating it ”

By notating music, you can control every note of the piece and you can apply the techniques of composition to the material.

  Keep on exploring until you find something that you really like"

You know that you are on the right track when you find something that surprises you. This means that your work is not just the product  of your mind but it is also the result of true inspiration.

 “The problem and its cause are seldom found in the same place”

 The solution to a problem may be found before the problem appears and, because musical elements are interrelated, it may involve a change in an area that is not directly related to the problem. For example, a problem in the harmony may be resolved by a change in the rhythm or in the texture etc. 

 “There is only one sublime choice”

Composition will present to you billion of choices. There is only one sublime choice.  Work until the music feels “right” to you. You will know when you find what is needed because your heart will open and you will feel a wonderful sensation of fulfillment and meaning. Besides improving your composition, resolving a musical problem will take you closer to your deeper self. 

 “The study of composition should begin as soon as possible” 

A good teacher can teach composition to any motivated student regardless of his/her knowledge of music. Any well-composed piece of music that is short and simple will show you all the principles and the techniques that are needed to compose a symphony. 


“Study Mozart’s music”

 Mozart is the greatest genius that humanity has ever seen and will ever see. By studying Mozart’s scores, you will save a lot of time.  Be prepared!  In his music, the sublime choice is routine. 


You must find your own voice

   Eventually you must develop a new and personal musical language.  You may think of the tradition as a gifted teacher, a wise companion in your journey and always as a great consolation in life but know that developing a unique style is the composer’s ultimate goal.  Know the tradition and then feel free to accept it or reject it.  In the end, great music does not need any justification.


Romeo with his teacher Giacomo Manzoni and his wife Eugenia. Romeo studied 20th century music with Giacomo Manzoni, a fantastic teacher and a world known composer.